It’s important that you choose someone you think you will like working with and will trust. The only way to do that is to get to know your REALTOR or hire a REALTOR you already know, like and trust. You are going to work with this REALTOR to sell your home, something that will place certain levels of stress on you.  Choose one you feel will respect your trust and who will tell you what you need to hear, so you can make informed decisions. Choose a real estate agent you feel understands what you want and will get it for you.


Once you have decided to sell, don’t rush your home to market unless you have no choice. Take time to address deferred maintenance that buyers will object to. Deferred maintenance refers to repairs you have been living with but need to be fixed to sell your home. I will help you find these repairs. Next, stage your home to maximize buyer experience when visiting your home. I will pay a professional home stager to make recommendations on how to arrange your furniture and what items to leave on display. Finally, I will pay a professional photographer to photograph your home so it captures buyers’ attention on the Internet and helps you get personal visits.  Then it is time to list your home and send the first buyers out of the house with the WOW effect you worked for. And hopefully, sell in 30 days for full price.


If you want your buyer to do something nice for you, offer to do something nice for them. Each party should feel they are getting something of value out of the deal.  As your REALTOR, I can help you negotiate with the buyer to get as much value as possible out of the negotiation and still make the buyer happy.


A sales agreement is a set of promises made to the seller by the buyer and vice versa. Once those promises are made, the buyer and seller are expected to keep them. Do everything you can to keep your promises and expect the buyer to keep their promises too.  Sometimes unexpected problems arise before the closing. You want experienced partners by your side who can help solve those problems so you can still sell the home. I haven’t seen it all, but I have solved a lot of problems.